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Norethisterone 5 mg

Norethisterone 5mg Tablets are used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular painful periods, excessive pain while menstruation, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and endometriosis (a condition in which uterine-like tissues develop outside the uterus). It is also prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer. Offered in the market with the brand name Femnor, these tablets are manufactured and supplied by the Best Norethisterone 5mg Tablet Manufacturer, Femcorp.

Working Mechanism of Norethisterone 5mg Tablets

Norethisterone is a synthetic progestin that functions by stimulating the results of natural progesterone known as the female hormone. It assists in managing the growth and shedding of the uterine lining while restoring hormone levels in the body. In this way, it addresses several irregularities associated with menstruation.

General Instructions & Precautions

While you begin to use Norethisterone 5mg Tablets, you must be ensured to take it under the dose and duration prescribed by the doctor. Following that, keep in mind certain instructions and precautions given below to avoid any adverse effects of the medicine.

  1. Norethisterone 5mg Tablets could result in bleeding or spotting between periods. It if happens frequently, it is necessary to inform your doctor.
  2. Let your doctor know if you are allergic to Norethisterone or other present components of the medicine.
  3. It is advised to avoid smoking or consuming alcohol while on the treatment with Norethisterone 5mg Tablets as it could lead to adverse effects.
  4. In order to avoid getting pregnant, it is better to use effective non-hormonal contraceptives such as condoms during the course of these tablets.
  5. Stop using Norethisterone 5mg Tablets right away and consult the doctor if you have any sudden shortness of breath, intense or sharp pain in the chest, or coughing up blood as these could be symptoms of a blood clot in the lungs.
  6. When taking this medication, try to limit the intake of Grapefruit juice because it can raise the levels of Norethisterone in the blood.

When to Not Take Norethisterone 5mg Tablets

Norethisterone 5mg Tablets should not be taken by women with the following health conditions:

  1. Blood Clots
  2. Vaginal Bleeding
  3. Liver Problems
  4. Pemphigoid Gestationis
  5. Migraine Headaches
  6. Kidney or Heart Problems
  7. Porphyria; a condition that affects the nervous system
  8. Epilepsy

Side Effects

Many individuals using Norethisterone 5mg Tablets do not really experience any troubling side effects. However, this medicine may result in certain mild and temporary side effects in some users. Following are the side effects associated with this medication:

  1. Vaginal Bleeding
  2. Uterine Bleeding
  3. Absence or Skips of Menstrual Periods
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Dizziness

If these side effects become persistent or do not go away, consult the doctor or healthcare professional right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can Norethisterone 5mg Tablets be taken by pregnant women?

It is strictly not advised for pregnant women to take these tablets as it may increase the risks of harm to the unborn baby.

  1. Can Norethisterone 5mg Tablets be taken to delay periods?

Norethisterone 5mg Tablets may be used to delay menstrual periods. However, it is still advised to consult the doctor before using it.

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